“All Means All” for KCPS Teachers at 2018 Summer Institute


Kansas City, June 28, 2018: Kansas City Public Schools hosted its first-ever Summer Professional Development Institute for its teachers June 25-28.

The institute’s theme was “All Means All,” and sessions were led many national experts and focused on equipping teachers so that they can provide the individualized, equitable and top flight lessons students need to achieve their full potential.

The institute’s keynote speakers included:

  • Dr. Marcia Tate, who presented on engagement as well as formative assessments.
  • Alfred Tatum, the author of Teaching Reading to Black Adolescent Males, who presented on related topics.
  • Dr. Todd Whitaker, a leading authority on staff motivation and teacher leadership.
  • Ken Williams, who is a leading authority on school climate and culture, presented on these themes.
  • Dr. Martha Burns, the Director of Neuroscience Education, led sessions on brain research as it relates to learning.

Other sessions were offered by the Kagan Institute, our new Universal Screener, as well as the New Elementary Math resource, just to name a few.