KCPS Honors Staff and Students

Terrific Teammates and Scholar Superstars recognized during Sept. 13 School Board meeting

Pitcher Elementary School students sing during a School Board meeting Sept. 13 at the school. (PHOTOS BY: Ray Weikal/KCPS)

Kansas City, Sept. 14, 2017: The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors and Superintendent Mark Bedell recognized outstanding staff members and staff during a Board meeting Wednesday, Sept. 13 at Pitcher Elementary School.

Terrific Teammates

Central Academy of Excellence Principal Anthony Madry, Counselor Amanda Campbell, School Board Chair Melissa Robinson and Superintendent Mark Bedell

The first Terrific Teammate honored was Amanda Campbell, a secondary counselor at Central Academy of Excellence. Trauma Sensitive School Clinician Edward Scott nominated Ms. Campbell for her execution of assignments. According to Mr. Scott, Amanda is an asset to Central Academy’s leadership team. She always focuses on excellence and protects the interests of students. Amanda demonstrates a genuine commitment to student-centered counseling services, and she used her diverse background to support Central Academy’s turnaround efforts beyond the counseling role. She has nurtured an impressive reputation among students and many faculty for being extremely knowledgeable, efficient and pragmatic. Amanda also demonstrates superb competence in executing evidence-based, trauma-sensitive practices to promote optimum outcomes for student and improve school climate. Principal Anthony Madry adds that Amanda has stepped up to assist as a leader across the school, including helping him with media relations. She’s involved in every facet of her students’ lives and ties all the pieces together, which really makes her the ultimate counselor.

Ms. Robinson, Director of Finance and Benefits Services Elaine Morgan and Dr. Bedell

Next, KCPS honored Director of Finance and Benefits Services Elaine Morgan. Office of Student Intervention Case Manager Brigette Nicholson nominated Ms. Morgan for her initiative and execution of assignments. Last year, Ms. Nicholson was severely injured in a hit and run crash while returning home from a professional development day. The accident caused a concussion and limited Brigette’s mobility. When Elaine learned of the accident, she took the initiative to have a case of bottled water delivered to Brigette’s office at Northeast High School. Elaine and team member Brenda Lawless then had groceries delivered to Brigette’s house. “Their thoughtfulness and generous gesture boosted my morale to tears of gratitude,” Brigette wrote in her nomination. Elaine’s initiative renewed Brigette’s hope in humanity.

Scholar Superstars

Holliday Montessori School students with Principal Kalinda Bass-Barlow

KCPS also recognized a group of students from Harold Holliday Montessori School as Scholar Superstars. These inspiring kiddos recognized an issue in their school’s community and took tangible steps to find a solution by organizing a neighborhood beautification initiative. Principal Kalinda Bass-Barlow introduced the students who led this effort, including:

  • Tori Bowls
  • J’Air Johnson
  • Xavier Doolin
  • Alexis Kinney
  • KhaMaya Hawkins
  • Kaliah Morgan
  • Tyron Paige
  • Taeraeanna Sykes
  • Laila Johnson
  • Jasey Toney
  • Elecia Coleman
  • Brandon Stanford
  • D’Ereka Hardin
  • Wesley Jones
  • Ja’Aieres McIntosh
  • Na’Yan Johnson
  • Alaina Wells
  • Z’Iera Jaminson
  • Malachi Washington
  • Tairaeanna Sikes