2020 J.A. Rogers Elementary School Teacher of the Year

Krista Kielty


Krista Kielty
J.A. Rogers Elementary School
Fifth Grade

What factors influenced your decision to become a teacher? Identify what you consider to be your greatest contributions to and accomplishments in education. 
I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to have a career that would make a difference. I thought about how to best go about making change in the world or how I could enter a career that would be important. I think that teachers are one of the most influential people in children’s lives. I worked at a childcare center when I was in college and I knew that working with children is something I could do for the long run. When I decided to change my major to Elementary Education, my whole outlook on life changed. I made goals, I worked endlessly to achieve these goals and I had something that I wanted to achieve: I wanted to be a great teacher. I haven’t been teaching for long, but I believe that I have achieved quite a bit in my short time in the field of teaching. I am excited about where this career is going to take me and I can’t wait to meet all of the students I will help through a small part of the overall journey in their lives.

Describe a project or initiative that you have led or been involved with that contributed to increasing equity in education and opportunity for students in your school. What was your role in this project and what was the impact? 
In the 2018-2019 school year, my colleagues and I wanted to provide more hands-on learning activities for our students. We looked at all of the fifth-grade standards and decided to come up with something hands-on for science. We then met with our instructional coach and our district coach for science. We all made the decision to have our students perform a frog dissection to learn about body systems and functions. We successfully presented our students with this lesson, and it allowed them to solidify their learning with hands-on experience. In the 2019-2020 school year, the science coaches decided to have every fifth-grade teacher in the district should partake in this hands-on learning experience.