2018 Success Academy at Knotts Teacher of the Year

Third Grade Teacher Tabitha Rainwater


Tabitha Rainwater
Success Academy at Knotts
Third Grade Teacher

What motivated your career in education?
As a child, I always loved school and learning. I think back to my first, second, and third-grade teachers who cared so deeply about my future and my education. They made sure that all students reached for their goals, personal and academic. These women led to me becoming a teacher with a passion to help children achieve their goals. When I attended the University of Mobile, my desire to teach grew as I began working with children in schools. Every day I come to work hoping to help my students succeed in their academics as they reach for their personal, behavioral, and academic goals. I hope to build a community of learners through friendship, positivity, and encouragement.

What message about public education do you want to share?
All children deserve a quality education and teachers who care about them. To care about the public school system is to care about the future of America.