2018 Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts Teacher of the Year

Director of Orchestras, Sheree Yoder


Sheree Yoder
Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts
Director of Orchestras, 7th – 12th Grades

What motivated your career in education?
The biggest factors that have influenced me to become a teacher are my family. My mother and sister taught me in early childhood. At the early age of three, I was reading with them every night in our home. We had a large blackboard in our garage, where my mother taught me mathematics, reading, and writing. I was surrounded by teachers in my home and in my musical education. Although I did not initially become a teacher, my role as an investment manager and a manager of a professional team of investment managers required me to teach clients and to teach professionals how to do their jobs at a higher level. I have always been a student and have enjoyed sharing what I have learned with others. After 30 years in a financial career, the acquisition of my company by a foreign bank resulted in the elimination of my job. Asking myself the age old question, “What would I do if money were not an issue?”, I decided to become a music teacher. Both of my daughters are teachers, and I had seen the difference they were making in their students’ lives. After 30 years away from school, I returned to college for a Master of Arts in Teaching, working as a school accompanist while I completed the degree program. Before I finished the Master’s degree, I applied and was hired at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts to teach orchestra classes. Having taught private music lessons through the years, I was no stranger to teaching, but teaching in the classroom was a new challenge and opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally.

What message about public education do you want to share?
Teachers change the world; we impact hundreds of lives every day through what we do. Therefore, we cannot afford to become static. We must always be learning, growing, and adapting to this changing world while holding on to the expectation that our students can and will achieve and be excellent.