2018 Northeast Middle School Teacher of the Year

7th & 8th Grade Visual Arts Teacher Katharine Bruns


Katharine Bruns
Northeast Middle School
7th-8th Grade Visual Arts

What motivated your career in education?
I enjoy working with kids. They make me laugh every day. Learning has always been fun for me. I grew up with parent teachers who made education a necessary staple in life, a part of my routine as important as eating and sleeping. In my classroom, I try to replicate the environment I was fortunate enough to be exposed to from an early age, a place where inquiry is natural, experimentation is the norm, and mistakes are opportunities to modify the design plan.

What message about public education do you want to share?
Public education should include more of the public. Communities and families need to work with schools and are also responsible for the education of our students.

Teaching is not easy. There is great work to be done, and a lot of great work is being done. Often we overlook small successes in our conquest of ongoing tasks at hand; however, it’s so important to celebrate even the minor accomplishments. We must remain positive and hopeful, not only for ourselves, but to maintain a system of encouragement that our students deserve and in which can believe. We might not know who will need the reassurances to springboard onto greater achievements, but we all have needed a little positive push to stay cool and carry on.