2018 Faxon Teacher of the Year

Third Grade Teacher Regina Y. Burnside


Regina Y. Burnside
Faxon Elementary
Third Grade Teacher

What motivated your career in education?
The factors that influenced me to become a teacher were being obedient to God and the instruction that was placed on my life. This profession was something that God wanted me to do at a very young age; but, I decided that I wanted to pursue other careers. I worked for the Social and Rehabilitation Services, United States Postal Service, and in the Accounts Payable Department at KU Medical Center.

After having children, I was a stay at home mother. God placed teaching on my heart again. I decided to be subservient and continue my education to become a teacher. My greatest contribution to education is motivating students to develop into lifelong learners, in spite of their circumstances.

What message about public education do you want to share?
We need to build stronger relationships with the students. This will be able to construct a link of community and family in the building. We provide a service to the neighborhood and this should be done with a dedication of excellence to the families and students that we serve.

Educators learn from each other and we are in this journey collectively as a community to ensure that the students are learning and becoming productive citizens.