2018 African-Centered College Prep – Lower Campus Teacher of the Year

Second Grade Teacher Trena Tresvant


Trena Tresvant
African-Centered College Preparatory Academy – Lower Campus
Second Grade

What motivated your career in education?
I had dedicated teachers when I was a student. I am a product of this district, and it seem like my teachers gave their all every day, in the classroom. I had teachers who encouraged me to always do my very best. I had teachers who built up my self-esteem. I watched them care for others and many of them were role models for me. I knew back then, when I was in the second grade, I wanted to become a teacher. I wanted to be the one children looked up to. I wanted to help children learn and become successful. I thought that would be one of the greatest feelings, to help children achieve their dreams. It always excites me when they “get it” and they can help their peers understand the skills as well. Surrounding myself with excellent colleagues, literature and great training, motivates me to deliver my best toward staff, students and parents.

What message about public education do you want to share?
My experience has been to truly know each  student you are serving. If they can’t learn the way I teach, then I need to teach them the way they can learn. Every child needs to feel wanted and successful. I want my students to look back on their education one day and remember that I was the teacher they knew that cared about them. ​

Constantly work on yourself. Be the kind teacher that loves to learn and keeps growing. Share with your colleagues new ideas. Be the very best you can possibly be, professionally, physically and spiritually.​


  1. Congratulations!!! Professor Tresvant, you are an awesome educator. Working with you is an academic journey that lets us share our talents and professional skills.

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