October 31, 2019


Kansas City Education News

Could school choice end poverty? This KC advocate wants a revolution in education


Equal opportunity for all is more than a mandate of law. It’s a matter of moral and principle. And it’s the foundation of the American dream. Yet, equal opportunity has been more vigorously promoted in nearly every other aspect of life than the most important one: education. So many disadvantaged children are still hopelessly trapped in underperforming and failing schools. Well, there’s a quiet revolution going on in education in Kansas City, and Lisa Watson wants to turn up the volume.

Some metro schools add option of two-hour delay for bad weather days

By Kera Mashek,  Fox 4 News

A lot of kids and teachers might be crossing their fingers Wednesday’s snow leads to schools closing Thursday. But some districts are trying something new to avoid canceling classes altogether.  A Christmas card-like scene is unfolding in Kansas City before Halloween. Districts around the metro are already keeping close watch to see if school schedules might be changed Thursday.

Missouri/Kansas Education News

Report shows inequities in Missouri higher education


Missouri college students face serious achievement gaps based on race, income, parents’ education and sometimes gender, a report from the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development revealed.  “It’s not very uplifting data,” said Erik Anderson, director of innovation and performance for the department. “It’s fairly depressing.” But the fact that Missouri is willing to recognize the severity of the problem could be the key to finding solutions, Anderson suggested during his presentation at the first Equity in Missouri Higher Education Summit. During the summit, participants discussed way to improve equity. Now, the next steps are to identify which can be put into practice and who should take responsibility for them.

National Education News

National education ratings show NYC student test scores stagnant since 2013, ranks them about average for big cities

By Michael Elsen-Rooney, New York Daily News

The “nation’s report card” came out on Wednesday — and New York City brought home middling grades.  Results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a standard national exam given every two years, shows city students’ scores have stayed flat since 2013, and rank about average among other big cities.

NATIONAL EDUCATION ORGANIZATION: Louisiana is #1 in the nation for improvement in 8th grade math

By James Selby,  MyArklamis.com
BATON ROUGE, La. (PRESS RELEASE) – (10/30/19) Louisiana achieved nation-leading outcomes in 2019 on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), which measures the reading and math proficiency of students across the U.S. and individual states. NAEP is considered the nation’s report card and informs a number of national education rankings. Louisiana State Superintendent of Education John White released the following statement regarding Louisiana’s NAEP results. White said:  “Louisiana ranks No.1 in the nation for improvement in 8th grade math, a longtime area of focus for schools across our state. Over the last decade, Louisiana ranks in the top 10 among all states for improvement on each of the four NAEP tests. This is further evidence that Louisiana’s children are as smart and capable as any in America. When we raise expectations for students and support our teachers, we will see progress. It is critical that we keep the progress going.”