November 8, 2019


Kansas City Education News

Check out the KCPS video on “The Educated Pachuco”
Last week we had Dr. Luis Cordoba the Chief of Student Support at KCPS share with Students of EAST HIGH SCHOOL, his story of success through education. His Skit/Motivational Speech titled “The Educated Pachuco” tells the story of his years as a student. The students also had an opportunity to ask questions and participate.

KC leaders listen as urban core students speak out on violent crime and its effects

By John Pepitone, Fox 4 News

High school students in the urban core say blood shed all around them is taking a toll on their lives. The Jackson County prosecutor, Kansas City police and the mayor all gathered Thursday to hear what the kids had to say. “There is nothing, nothing more important than what we are talking about today,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said. After three homicides in the span of about four hours Wednesday, including the death of an 18-year-old, a student summit on violent crime couldn’t have happened at a better time.

New anti-violence discussion in Kansas City asks high schoolers to offer solutions

By Savannah Rudicel, KCTV 5 News

Violence in Kansas City has police and prosecutors taking a different approach to finding a solution to the ongoing problem. About 34 percent of homicide victims in Kansas City this year were killed before they turned 25. That’s why community leaders want to get teenagers’ perspective on how to end violent crime. High school students from Kansas City Public Schools will meet Thursday for an anti-violence summit. They’ll share their perspectives with Mayor Quinton Lucas, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker and Superintendent Mark Bedell.

National Education News

Many rural districts face education ’emergency’

By Linda Jacobson, EducationDive
Mississippi may have shown the most improvement in this year’s National Assessment of Educational Progress, but in the state’s rural areas, one in four students lives in poverty, the graduation rate is below the national average, and few students enter college with Advanced Placement credit. That’s why it ranks as the top “high-priority” state in “Why Rural Matters,” a report released Thursday by the Rural School and Community Trust, the College Board and AASA/The School Superintendents Association.

5 big challenges confronting districts — and how they’re overcoming them

By Naaz Modan, EducationDive
Balancing school security with positive learning
Challenge: Perhaps as a result of the ongoing emphasis on safety, schools are hardening buildings to keep students safe. However, in the process, schools risk turning the environment into one that more closely resembles a prison and can serve as a reminder of existing trauma…

Solutions: In the rush to increase tangible security measures like installing metal detectors and surveillance cameras, experts say administrators should be mindful of putting in place equally, if not more, effective social-emotional prevention strategies.

Most School Shooters Showed Many Warning Signs, Secret Service Report Finds

By Stephen Sawchuk,  Education Week

Most of the violent attacks in schools over the past decade were committed by students who telegraphed their intentions beforehand—and could have been prevented, a new report from the U.S. Secret Service concludes.  Most of those students were motivated by a specific grievance, and every single one was experiencing extreme stress. But there remains significant variation among the perpetrators, and schools should use a comprehensive analysis to detect true threats rather than trying to profile students, the report says.