May 31, 2019


Kansas City Area Education News

Kansas City Power & Light District partners with KCPS foundation

By Leslie Collins, Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City Power & Light District’s new five-year partnership with the Kansas City Public SchoolsEducation Foundation comes with a variety of perks. One of them starts in the fall: A teacher each year will receive a two-year lease in either the One Light or Two Light luxury apartment towers in Downtown. The Cordish Cos., which owns the district, also will donate a portion of proceeds from at least three concerts at KC Live! a year to the foundation and will have its 1,000 area employees volunteer annually at the district and school level during the five-year partnership.

National Education News

Schools Are Deploying Massive Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming

By Benjamin Herold, Education Week

But in an age of heightened fear about mass school shootings, it tripped invisible alarms.  The local Brazosport Independent School District had recently hired a company called Social Sentinel to monitor public posts from all users, including adults, on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The company’s algorithms flagged Lafrenais’s tweet as a potential threat. Automated alerts were sent to the district’s superintendent,…

Florida Plan for a Huge Database to Stop School Shootings Hits Delays, Legal Questions

By Benjamin Herold, Education Week

It was supposed to be operational six months ago, part of Florida’s wide-ranging effort to prevent the next school shooting: a sprawling new database that would merge people’s social media posts with millions of records on individuals who have been bullied, placed in foster care, committed a crime, or even been mentioned in unverified tips made to law enforcement.  The plan, however, has sputtered, an Education Week investigation found.

Districts in 22 States Still Haven’t Recovered From Recession, Study Finds

By Daarel Burnette II, Education Week

More than a decade later, thousands of school districts still have not recovered from the aftermath of the Great Recession, and many remain especially vulnerable should another recession happen soon, according to two recently released studies. The economy remains especially strong right now, and states are on track to increase their K-12 budgets by hundreds of millions of dollars this next school year.