May 10, 2019


Kansas City Education News

The Data Shows Kansas City’s School System Is Complicated, Segregated And Inefficient

By Elle Moxley, KCUR 89.3

Both traditional public schools and charters in Kansas City are increasingly segregated, expensive to run and losing high school students, according to a new report from the Kansas City Public Schools.

KCPS is calling it a “system” analysis because it looks at charter schools as well. (Charter schools are public schools that operate independently of KCPS.) Think of it as a snapshot of 20 years of education choice in Kansas City.  “What we really want is for the community to unify behind a vision – not multiple visions – of what a successful education system looks like,” said Mike Reynolds, chief research and accountability officer for the school district. “There have been too many different methodologies for determining success and failure.”

KCPS dives deep into data trying to pinpoint problems and develop efficient solutions

Nicole Diantonio, Fox 4 News

The school year may be winding down, but right now, Kansas City Public Schools remains busy finding ways to fill seats, save money and work more efficiently with charter schools.  A presentation given Thursday went through a lot data that included financing, transportation and how to keep students in the school district through 12th grade. The big takeaway: They cannot fix these problems alone.  This leaves administrators coming up with a lesson plan as the last day of school is less than a month away.

Missouri Education News

Summer Vacation Could Go Later In August, As Missouri School Start-Date Bill Clears Senate

By Janet Dabbs, Lake Expo

The question over when the school year should start in Missouri may be answered by the state legislature, with a bill that has cleared the Missouri House, and was approved by the Senate on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. House Bill 161 still needs to be finally agreed upon in the House, and then would be sent to the governor’s desk.  The bill is praised by many in the tourism industry, but has left others with concerns; they say the start date of a local school district should be decided on a local level.  HB 161 would prohibit local school districts in Missouri from setting an opening date for the school term…

National Education News

Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Student Engagement? Researchers Investigate

By Alyson Klei, Education Week

Imagine if artificial intelligence—the same machine learning Netflix uses to suggest new movies to customers based on past favorites—could show teachers that students are more engaged first thing in the morning, and then suggest relevant classroom management adjustments for different times of the day.

The Battle Over Who Gets Into Elite Public High Schools

By Catherine Gewertz, Education Week

As politicians and parents fight about how to bring more Latino and African-American students into New York City’s elite public high schools, another big urban district has gotten closer to an answer, building far more diversity into its selective-admission high schools.

In Chicago, the country’s third-largest school district, 47 percent of the K-12 students are Latino and 37 percent are African-American. In the hallways of its 11 most elite high schools, 34 percent are Latino and 29 percent are black.