April 24, 2019


Kansas City Education News

Truman Medical Centers Instilling Healthy Lifestyle Habits at KCPS

By Luther Okeyo, KCPS Communications

There are many factors that can affect a student’s ability to learn and thrive in school. Truman Medical Centers (TMC) partnership with KCPS focuses on the link between health and education.  TMC’s Community Health Strategies & Innovation (CHSI) delivers health programs to several KCPS schools to instill healthy lifestyle habits at a young age.

Missouri Education News

Lawsuit filed against Columbia Public Schools for ‘bargaining in bad faith’

By Bryanna Barber, Missourian

The Columbia School Board did not meet the demands of the Columbia Missouri National Education Association during recent negotiations over salary, benefits and other issues, a lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges.  Association President Kathy Steinhoff took the floor at last week’s School Board meeting…

Charter schools not the answer for education reform

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Charter schools and voucher-type funding are not the right fix for North County or any other county in Missouri. The education reforms that might be needed in schools in any part of the state do not include bleeding them of funding and opening schools that are not held to the same accountability standards as our local public schools.

National Education News

NPR covers climate education

By Glenn Branch, NPR

There is widespread support for climate change education among both parents and teachers, according to a poll commissioned by National Public Radio (April 22, 2019). Yet, as NPR also reported, teachers do not necessarily have everything they need to teach climate change effectively, including state science standards that present the topic accurately.