April 18, 2019


Kansas City Education News

Charter schools claim they are losing millions in tax revenue to KC district

By Mara Rose Willaims, KC Star

Charter schools in Kansas City say they are shortchanged about $15 million a year in funds that for years has been diverted to Kansas City Public Schools. But they are going to have to change Missouri law to get it. District officials are fighting the efforts because they don’t believe the charters should get anywhere near the amount they claim from the pot of public money they are supposed to share.

Shuffle in the classroom: How many kids transferred in and out of KCMO schools this year

By Sara Plake, Channel 41 News

When a student has an unstable childhood, they are less likely to be successful through high school. As a result, school districts have to find ways to be an entire support system beyond the classroom.  Kansas City Public Schools says it is not trying to solve the problem of student mobility as much as it is trying to raise a red flag.

Missouri Education News

New Fine Arts Learning Standards Approved for Missouri School Districts

By myMOinfo.com

The Missouri Board of Education has adopted changes to Fine Arts learning standards for the state’s K through 12 public schools. He says the changes broaden the definition of Arts to include animation, film and gaming development and interactive and computer-based art-making.

Missouri Bill furthers Bible electives taught in public schools

By KTTN Trenton, MO

Public schools in Missouri would be able to teach elective courses on the Bible if one representative’s bill makes its way through the Missouri Senate, though some argue they already can.  The Senate Education Committee heard the bill Tuesday which has already passed the House.

National Education News

Mismatch Seen Between New Science Tests and State Requirements

By Catherine Gewertz, Education Week

New science tests are rolling out across the country, but some teachers are worried that they will include a lot of questions on subjects their students haven’t studied. With schools in spring-testing mode, high school science teachers are watching intently to see how their students…