Superintendent, School Board Honor Students, Staff, Community Partners

KCPS Board of Directors goes "On the Road" to Faxon Elementary School


The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors and Superintendent Mark Bedell honored outstanding students, staff members and a community partner during a special “On the Road” meeting Wednesday, September 12 at Faxon Elementary School.

The School Board meeting began with Principal Kathleen Snipes introducing Faxon’s new Honor Choir, led by music teacher Robert Miller. Ms. Snipes then offered an overview of the different programs and activities offered at Faxon Elementary along with an introduction to community partners. Ms. Snipes then reviewed the academic progress made by Faxon students.


Following Ms. Snipe’s presentation, the Board and Dr. Bedell then honored the following individuals.

Scholar Superstars

Superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell and Vice-Chari Patti Mansur stand with Lucy Mulholland, William Reimer, Alexa-Marie Campbell and Carlos Vera Ramirez.

This month’s Scholar Superstars were recognized for their achievements in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses at the district’s secondary schools. The following students achieved high scores on final exams and earned college credit for their coursework:

As an international education program that challenges students to excel in their studies and personal growth, the board was proud to recognize Lincoln College Preparatory Academy senior Lucy Mulholland for earning her International Baccalaureate Diploma, an extraordinary accomplishment. Miss Mulholland will attend the University of Minnesota Fall 2019.

Terrific Teammate

Desiree Saunders, Cafeteria Manager at Northeast High School, is known to Viking Nation as Ms. Dee. Along with Northeast secretary Shelia Jackson, Ms. Dee was at a local grocery store when rapid gunfire inside the store. Upon hearing the gunfire, Ms. Dee barricaded herself, Ms. Jackson and other shoppers in a freezer to escape harm. Ms. Dee employed the skills she learned during her active shooter training provided by KCPS to used nearby items to create a stronghold in the freezer to keep herself and others safe. The police complimented Ms. Dee for staying cool under pressure and for barricading the door with the items on hand.

Jeremy Linzy, a beloved First Student school bus driver, drive route seven Foreign Language Academy (FLA). On Tuesday, August 28, Linzy noticed a popping noise from the engine of his bus while transporting students home at the end of the school day. Smoke started emanating out of the engine bay; acting quickly, Linzy evacuated all students ensuring the safety of all on board. His training and quick action saved children from a fire that proceed to engulf the bus, burning every seat throughout the bus.

Community Champion

Front Porch Alliance is a 17-year old nonprofit agency located at Linwood and Bruce R. Watkins Drive in the Ivanhoe neighborhood. Started as an intentional partnership with Ivanhoe residents to address broad community needs of safety, Front Porch Alliance has become an organization to provide support of education for the youth of all ages in Kansas City’s urban core. Their program interventions address very specific opportunities for families to make positive, lasting changes to their lives and neighborhoods. Front Porch Alliance helped Faxon establish the First LEGO League Robotics program for multiple grade levels of Faxon Elementary. In addition, the organization established the Partners in Active Learning (PALs) program. Designed to provide mentors to students within the school, there are currently 108 PALs who specifically help with reading and math skills along with the benefit of a developing caring, supportive friendship.