The Scope Podcast

Episode 3 (April 7, 2017): An Interview with Nayeli Murillo


The Scope is a new podcast dedicated to Team KCPS. Twice a month, we’ll be talking to students, staff, parents and partners who are doing amazing things in our school system and community.


EPISODE 3: An Interview with Nayeli Murillo

Nayeli Murillo (PHOTO BY: Ray Weikal/KCPS)

Podcast host Ray Weikal got to interview one of his favorite members of Team KCPS for this episode: James Elementary School Secretary Nayeli Murillo. He spoke with Señora Murillo because she and her school are right at the forefront of helping the remarkable New Americans who comprise such an important part of our school system.

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EPISODE 2: Dr. Bedell Interview, Part II

Dr. Bedell and Head Consul of Mexico in Kansas City Alfonso Navarro-Bernachi sign the Plaza Comunitaria partnership agreement during a ceremony on Feb. 16 at East High School.

In this episode, you’ll be hearing the second half of our conversation with KCPS Superintendent Mark Bedell. He shares his perspective on charter schools, innovation in education and how KCPS is supporting our New American families. All that, plus some insights about his love of barbecue and new shoes!

You can help make this podcast even better by suggesting individuals to interview. Our only requirement is that he or she needs to be part of Team KCPS. That includes students, staff members, administrators, parents, partners and volunteers. You can send those suggestions to; please include “The Scope” in the subject line so that the email gets directed to host Ray Weikal!

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EPISODE 1: Dr. Bedell Interview, Part I

In the debut episode of The Scope, host Ray Weikal has a conversation with Superintendent Mark Bedell about what he’s learned since taking the reins of the school system and how the transition to Kansas City has gone for him and his family. The second part of this interview will be uploaded in two weeks. Listen to both episodes for insights about where KCPS is headed, plus some fun facts about Dr. Bedell!

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