Central Middle School Kicks Off Robotics Team


Students at Central Middle School launched a brand new program for its students – a First Tech Challenge robotics team.

This is much more than building robots. Guided by adult mentors, students in the program develop STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills and practice engineering principles, such as keeping an engineering notebook. Through the process, students learn the value of hard work and the importance of teamwork while building and programming a robot using a variety of different coding languages and out-of-the-box creative thinking.

Central Middle’s First Tech team, yet to be named by Central Middle students, is coached by teachers Christina Chandler and Coi Bui. This isn’t their first rodeo. Chandler is from Central School District, where she helped bring the First robotics team to the district. Bui most recently served as an adult mentor at Northeast Middle School’s robotics team.

While the program waits on the delivery of its new robot kit, Chandler and Bui are taking the time to introduce the concept of robotics and the principals of the First Tech Challenge to the students.

“You will all be best friends by the end of this season,” Chandler said. “Remember, trophies are for now. Learning is for a lifetime.”