School Board Unveils 2019 Legislative Priorities

Board hosts Legislative Breakfast on Dec. 7


Kansas City, December 10, 2018: The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors hosted their annual Legislative Breakfast for a large group of stakeholders from across the community on Friday, Dec. 7 at the BOE.

During the breakfast, Board Chair Melissa Robinson and members John Fierro and Jennifer Wolfsie outlined the current public education landscape and walked through the 2019 KCPS Legislative Priorities. The priorities are designed to help community members and elected officials understand the most important issues for public education going into the new legislative session in Jefferson City.

The Board’s Government Relations Ad Hoc Committee took the lead in carefully crafting the document, with assistance from Superintendent Mark Bedell’s leadership team. Here are the top three priorities:

  • Adequate and equitable public school funding
  • Legislation and the enforcement of current statutes to provide transparency regarding the financial stewardship and governance of public school districts and charter schools to ensure accountability for the use of public funds
  • Laws and local ordinances pertaining to tax incentive and abatement programs to provide school districts with greater determination over the use of the duly authorized local revenue sources

“We are very blessed to have our own School Board of elected officials who care deeply about our schools and devote a remarkable amount of time, energy and talent to helping our system thrive with great policy and governance,” Dr. Bedell said. “It’s important for everyone who cares about the future of our schools to take a few minutes to read through our 2019 Legislative Priorities.”

Access the full document from the KCPS website.